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Around Space

Fly away on my Zephyr 
I feel it more than ever 
And in this perfect weather 
We'll find a place together 

First part of Krakow photos. Do you like it? 

There's nobody else...

I'm sick of losing my patience 
Out of time, lacking rhythm 
Barely conscious, over-sensitive
Feeling weaker as I stumble around 
Get out of my mind
Get out of my mind

Photos: Ines Rychlewska
Model: Monika Zubel


Black Hole Sun

Who is there to give me a chance 
So I can find in me a better man baby
Who is there to set me free
Girl more than baby why don’t you listen to me 

Photos: Ines Rychlewska
Model: Wojtek Filipek

Simple black

Staring out at the city skyline
A marathon is going down the street
And we're all racing for our own reasons
And sometimes in the middle we all meet

Keep In The Dark

I come along but I don't know where you're taking me
I shouldn't go but you're reaching, dragging, shaking me
Turn off the sun, pull the stars from the sky
The more I give to you, the more I die

And I want you 

Model: Magdalena Krzyk
Photos: Ines Rychlewska

6 P.M.

Oh who is she ?
A misty memory

A haunting face,

Is she a lost embrace ?

Model: Monika Zubel
Photos: Ines Rychlewska

Way Through

Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner
Sometimes I feel like my only friend
Is the city I live in,the city of angels
Lonely as I am, together we cry.


Ghosts in the photograph

Never lied to me

"I'd be all of that"

"I'd be all of that"

A false memory
Would be everything
My denial
My Elimenant

What was that for?


Photo and make up: Ines Rychlewska

The Bliss

Everything about you is how I'd wanna be

Your freedom comes naturally

Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won't settle for less

Models: Katarzyna and Maksyma (yep, it's horse's name) 

MUA: Barbara Koz┼éowska
Photos: Ines Rychlewska